"We’ve worked with Tracy for over 8 years. She’s easy to work with and also flexible in juggling projects. Many of our projects have been last minute, and she always pulled through for us.”
Marketing — HAMAMATSU
Award Winning Design GDUSA 2016
"When crafting a marketing or branding campaign for the Steinway Piano Galleries, I can rely on Tracy's work to be of a standard of excellence that is befitting Steinway & Sons. Her passion for design and her genuine interest in her client and their messaging goals make her a perfect partner, and the quality of her work is consistently on par with the quality of pianos we represent...the world's finest!”
Mark J. Love – CEO/President, Steinway & Sons
"When you ask Tracy to make you a design, you can expect her work to look professional and appealing, but in addition, she will find 'your voice' and make a design that will have 'you' all over it. For me, that is the trademark of great designers! Beyond that, she is kind and easy to work with!”
Dr. Judith Jain – New Tampa Piano and Pedagogy Academy
"Tracy designed our company recruitment brochure and designs our quarterly newsletter. When we first started working with Tracy, before proposing any ideas of her own, she first listened to our needs and absorbed our company culture. Because of this unique ability to capture the core of our business and culture, she creates designs that genuinely reflect us as a company. Her ability and skill in her craft along with her sincere interest in each project make her one of a kind. Tracy recently designed wine labels for an important and heartfelt company event as we said our good byes to our company’s President. As always, she focused on “the person” and captured this individual’s values presenting a final product that impressed the events committee. It is obvious that she is able to understand and offer exactly what we want. We are truly impressed with Tracy’s range of knowledge in graphic design, her ability to meet deadlines and the excellent quality of her work. I highly recommend Tracy as a valuable partner to any organization as she will be a wonderful asset and will create beautiful designs that are aligned with your company’s culture and needs.”
Ingrid Astudillo – Head of Human Resources — Miele
Award Winning Design GDUSA 2016
"I wholeheartedly recommend FIVESTAR Design Studio for other small business owners like myself.  Tracy is always prompt in her responses via phone and email, which is important when you are juggling so many other aspects of your own business and only have a small amount of time reserved for marketing.  
During the design process, Tracy listened to my ideas and offered insight from her own experience and expertise giving me a number of high quality options to choose from.  We eventually decided upon a variety of digital ads that I was able to submit to local publications for online advertising as well as a double sided postcard specifically printed for use as an insert in a highly regarded newspaper that targeted my potential customers.
The advertising campaign has been so successful over the last 18 months that I have continually ordered more postcard prints from FIVESTAR Design Studio. I regularly receive compliments for how professional my advertisements appear in comparison to my competitors, and I certainly have Tracy to thank for that along with all the extra business!"
Joseph Bonacci – Tiger Acupuncture
"I can't say enough about Tracy's design talents. She is just amazing and never ceases to surprise me. Tracy is creative and imaginative and very perceptive. She is able to adjust her design style to our requests, then adding her own touches of genius to deliver design work that far exceeds our expectations - which are already high. Tracy is not only exceptionally talented, but also very  professional, timely and personable. She always delivers, with style. I look forward to working with Tracy on our projects for many years to come."
Kenneth Greenberg – President, HG Media
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