Tracy Lee Sullivan
Owner • Graphic Designer
c.   609.240.4636
w.  609.688.0840​​​​​​​
My creative process is on going — consistently populating ideas, concepts, designs in my mind throughout the day. Whether I’m working directly on your project or in between, my creative process never ceases. My approach to creativity is structured, yet organic and I’m ever so grateful how naturally flows through me.
Being Professional to me doesn’t mean stuffy or rigid … it means consistent attention to the details. I make it a point to fully understand my clients’ requirements, corporate identity, their internal company lingo, do’s and don’ts — always making the design process itself enjoyable and effortless for my clients.
I have the innate ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome any design challenge that comes my way. No matter what happens I find solutions, leaping over the hurdles and coming out without a scratch, always meeting the deadline!
FIVESTAR design is an Award Winning Boutique design firm that specializes in working with large corporations, global companies as well as local professional businesses. 
Providing exceptional graphic design, advertising, publishing, printing and marketing services. FIVESTAR design delivers the expertise and attention of big city design houses and advertising agencies but with the personal touch of a small town, local art studio.
my story...
My mom always told me to follow my dreams and someday I'd have a career doing what I love.  So I did… and I do!
Working out of my home office, I'm able to give each client my full focus, from inception, through creation to completion, without the distractions inherent in the corporate setting.
My craft has honed my love of balance and symmetry, accuracy, impact and image. My goal is to leave you 'happily surprised' - and when artwork hasn't been updated for some time - I like to reach for 'amazed.' I strive to capture the spirit, content and emotion of the message in the design work I do for each client.
Every new project is built on the foundation of my education and 20+ years of experience with satisfied clients and long lasting business relationships.
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